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GIZA Product Overview

General GIZA Features

With GIZA, users can create connections from scratch or import connection information directly from Tekla Structures. Once a connection is in GIZA, it can be easily designed. Every part of the connection is clearly labeled with all values shown. All calculated limit states are clearly shown and recommended design changes will be displayed. GIZA will recalculate all limit states after every design change. Connections can be saved to a file or imported directly back to the original Tekla model. When imported into Tekla, the connection will be remodeled in real time. Calculation reports can be generated for any connection. These detailed reports can be signed and sealed by any professional engineer.

GIZA Value Added Services

With GIZA, you get several additional services when you have a subscription. When GIZA is installed, several Tekla plugins are also installed. These are free to use if a GIZA subscription is active on that computer. These plugins add features that the current Tekla plugins do not have. Users also get access to our helpdesk where you can submit support tickets anytime. Our team is dedicated to making your connection design experience as smooth as possible and solving your issues in a timely manner. Any user with a subscription will receive updates to GIZA if their subscription is active.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Tekla Structures 18 to 2016i
  • Fully automated calculations for connection design
  • Save connection files for use on other computers running GIZA
  • Supports shear, moment, and vertical bracing connections
  • Use either ASD or LRFD design methods
  • Supports AISC 13th and 14th editions
  • Includes the NYC building code
  • Retrieve and design multiple connections at one time.
  • Labeled 2D sketches of each connection
  • Add connection capacities to shop drawings
  • Color code your Tekla model based on connection status
  • Create and save job defaults for future connections

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