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GIZA Product FAQs

Yes! Just download GIZA 17, it comes with a 15-day trial period.
No, but if you submit a support ticket we will review them on a case by case basis.
No! GIZA is fully functional for the 15-day trial.
No. GIZA licenses cannot be refunded after purchase. The 15-day trial should be used as an evaluation period to fully test the software before buying.
Yes! All updates for GIZA are completely free as long as you have an active license!
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 240-480 GB, SSD
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 CPU 2+ GHz
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or 10, 64-bit mode
  • Microsoft .Net Framework: Version 4.0 or Higher
GIZA is compatible with Tekla Structures version 18 to 2021
GIZA is compatible with Tekla Structural Designer 2019i and 2020
This is most likely because you’ve used the Get function to retrieve a connection from Tekla. Connections retrieved from Tekla cannot have their properties changed in GIZA. If you want to change the material properties, you can update your Tekla model and retrieve the connection again.
Make sure you are connected to the internet. GIZA must validate your license key on our servers before the installation can continue. Re-download the installer form the website to make sure you have the most current version. If there are still errors, please contact support on the helpdesk on our website.
Make sure you have opened Tekla before opening GIZA. Restart GIZA once Tekla is open to allow GIZA to communicate with Tekla. If the problem persists check your Tekla version to make sure it is compatible and update GIZA to the latest version.
No. GIZA is currently only compatible with Windows 7 and 10.
GIZA will shut down fully when a subscription runs out. To continue using GIZA, you must renew your subscription or enter in a new license key.
GIZA produces calculations in PDF format that clearly shows all the formulas of applicable limit states with the corresponding references to the appropriate codes. The calculations can be reviewed by any licensed Professional Engineer and can take ownership of the calculation and sign/seal it. If requested, we will provide signed and sealed GIZA designed calculations for a fee.
Yes! All versions of Giza have the ability to function without Tekla Structures. If you do not use Tekla Structures at all, we recommend the Lite license option. This license is a little cheaper and does not have the Tekla Structures integration.
Yes. If you call our office or send us an email, we can get you sorted out.
No. Currently, the Lite license is only for a single machine.

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